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Located in Oakville, Ontario, Sixteen Mile Creek trail's southern tip is located on both sides of Oakville Harbour and extends north to Dundas Street at Lions Valley Park. As part of Oakville's Heritage Trail System, Sixteen Mile Creek trail provides heritage information stations that you can visit during your hike.

Seemingly hidden away within Oakville's sprawling neighbourhoods, Sixteen Mile Creek. This hike is a personal favourite for locals as the creek guides walkers through the mature forest and deep valley. Hikers can expect to see lots of local wildlife, as the protected valley offers sanctuary to many animal species.

Trail Access

Locate parking and trail access for Sixteen Mile Creek on the map below.

Useful Information

  • Sixteen Mile Creek trails are relatively flat and kid-friendly.

  • Some of the trails have staircases.

  • Trail can be completed as a 6km loop or connected with adjoining trails to form longer thru hikes.

  • There is no access to restrooms on-site.

  • Part of Oakville's Heritage Trail System.

  • Trail offers views of scenic lookouts of the valley.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Sixteen Mile Creek taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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