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Lions Valley Park, located in Oakville, Ontario, offers trail-goers a unique blend of natural and man-made wonders to behold as they stroll along the Sixteen Mile Creek trail system. While the main parking area is located underneath the Dundas Street Bridge, there are several other locations where you could access Lions Valley trails.


Free to access, Lions Valley Park is a particular favorite of families. Park amenities include a playground, stroller-friendly walking trails that wind alongside and over Sixteen Mile Creek, as well as lots of interesting plants and critters to spot. The mature forest canopy provides much-needed shade and delights Fall hikers with a beautiful array of reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Park Access

Use the map below to locate Lions Valley Park in Oakville, Ontario. Please note that there are parking limitations due to ongoing construction.

Useful Information

  • Lions Valley Park is very kid-friendly.

  • Parking limitations are expected to persist for what could be several years due to construction.

  • A mature forest canopy provides good shade for trails.

  • Part of Oakville's 60km Heritage Trail System.

  • Plaques along the trail detail info about the history of the area and local flora/fauna.

  • Some of the trails have staircases.

  • Lions Valley Park also includes picnic areas and a playground.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Lions Valley Park taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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