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Robert Edmondson Conservation Area, located in Milton, Ontario guides hikers along a beautiful pond before the trail loops in a figure-eight shape through the forest for a total distance of about 2.3 kilometers. The pond makes a great picnic spot and you can also fish from the pier or in a canoe. The trail is very kid-friendly and would also be able to accommodate a stroller or wheelchair. Boardwalks are used where the terrain becomes more marshlike through the wetlands and into the woods.

During the spring, Robert Edmondson Conservation Area is blanketed by vibrant yellow Marsh Marigolds. The rich diversity of plant life also makes this area a haven for local wildlife from turtles to white-tailed deer. When the weather gets warmer, be prepared with mosquito-repellant because they thrive in that environment.

Park Access

Use the map below to locate Robert Edmondson Conservation Area's entrance and get driving directions.

Useful Information

  • Mostly flat terrain and boardwalks.

  • Robert Edmondson's trail is very kid-friendly.

  • The trail is relatively stroller- and wheelchair-friendly.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Robert Edmondson Conservation Area taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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