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Also called Morrison Creek, this beautiful trail is located in Oakville, ON, and plays host to some of the area's oldest trees. The Morrison Valley Trail is broken into two parts: North and South. Morrison Valley Trail South runs from Iroquois Shore Road to Upper Middle Road. Morrison Valley Trail North runs from Upper Middle Road to Dundas Street East.

Morrison Valley Trail is perfect for beginners and small children. Hiking these trails during Ontario's changing seasons provides hikers with unique and beautiful sights year-round. You'll find mostly red and sugar maples, white and red oaks, and white pine trees located in the valley. It's also a great place to spot wildlife squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and a wide variety of birds. 

Trail Access

Locate the access points for the Morrison Valley Trail on the map below.

Useful Information

  • The mostly flat terrain with some gentle elevation changes.

  • Morrison Valley Trail is just under 5km long.

  • There are no on-site washroom facilities.

  • Trails are popular with birdwatchers year-round and snowshoers during winter.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Morrison Valley Trail taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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