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Limehouse Conservation Area, located just west of Georgetown in Limehouse, Ontario, offers some truly unique sights along its trails. With a trail system connected to the Bruce Trail, Limehouse Conservation Area plays host to the "Hole in the Wall" rock caverns/caves, historical lime kiln and mill ruins, (gun)powder house, and a picturesque forest backdrop that is sure to please any hiker. 

For beginners, Limehouse Conservation Area might prove a challenge. Though the trail system within the park's boundaries is on the smaller side, consisting only of a few trails, some of the trails have technical sections (like ladders and stairs) and many of the trails are not clearly marked from end-to-end so it's important that you keep a trail map with you.

Park Access

Use the map below to locate Limehouse Conservation Area's entrance and get driving directions.

Useful Information

  • Parking at Limehouse Conservation Area is free.

  • Trails are slightly more technical in some places.

  • Family-friendly for children that can hike on their own, but not recommended for strollers or wagons.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Limehouse Conservation Area taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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