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Scotsdale Farm is a 531 acre heritage site located on the Niagara Escarpment in Halton Hills, Ontario. Scotsdale Farm features beautifully manicured gardens and farmlands and natural hiking trails that run throughout the property and backing onto Silver Creek Conservation Area.

The farm is a very popular spot for photographers and you can often spot photoshoots with the rustic white farm buildings and tree-covered driveway as the backdrop. It's also the perfect spot for a picnic lunch! The hiking trails are a combination of the Bruce Trail and various side trails.

Farm Access

Navigate the map below to find parking access to Scotsdale Farm and driving directions.

Useful Information

  • Scotsdale Farm is kid-friendly.

  • The property is stroller- and wagon-friendly but some of the trails can be a bit bumpy.

  • Scotsdale Farm is very popular with photographers.

  • There is no access to restrooms on-site.

  • Trails lead to Silver Creek Conservation Area (hiking into which is prohibited without a pass).

  • Hiking trails within Scotsdale Farm are the Bruce Trail or its side trails.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Scotsdale Farm taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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