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Speyside Resource Management Area is a nearly 14-kilometer trail located between Milton and Halton Hills, Ontario. Speyside is one of Halton's more technical hikes, but still manageable for all skill levels. Speyside allows hikers to thru hike toward Limehouse Conservation Area, or loop around using the Bruce Trail and Speyside South Side Trail Loop.

As Speyside's terrain is more rugged, seasonal weather regularly impacts large parts of this trail. During Spring, mud season can make some parts of the trail impassable however improvements have recently been made. In winter, prepare to encounter icy patches and slick conditions. The mature forest canopy provides a habitat for countless bird and animal species. Speyside is also known for its beautiful sprawls of wildflowers.

Speyside Access

Parking and trail access for Speyside Resource Management Area can be found on the map below.

Useful Information

  • Speyside is child-friendly but sections might be difficult for toddlers.

  • Speyside is not recommended for strollers.

  • Speyside connects with the Bruce Trail that leads to Limehouse Conservation Area.

  • Recent improvements have made some areas less prone to muddy conditions but can still be hazardous after prolonged rainfall.

  • Both ends of the Speyside Trail connect to side trails for multiple hike options.

Trail Photos

Browse through photos of Speyside Resource Management Area taken by fellow Halton Hikers members.

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